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Pterosaur Topics

This part of the website is devoted to topics in the development of pterosaur knowledge.  It is produced to be a guide rather than a complete account and references are given where additional reading may be required. The topics are inspired by web enquiry questions that have been frequently asked of The Pterosaur Database over the years.

Making Pterosaurs Fly - The development of research into the flight of pterosaurs using flying models.

Pterosaur Eggs - An outline of the historical finds of fossil pterosaur eggs

The Pterosaur Brain - How the study of the fossil brain cavity can lead to a better understanding of brain structure.

Wing Membranes - The discovery of the pterosaur wing membrane structure and form.

Hairs and Feathers - Some pterosaurs were known to be covered in hairs and feathers

Pterosaur Teeth - Information on pterosaur teeth shape and structure.

Survivorship Curves - Looking at the numbers of pterosaurs in each age.

The Biggest Pterosaur - Close to the limit of what is possible.