Anhangueridae (Kellner & Campos 1983)


The Ornithocheiridae are represented by a significant number of pterosaurs with common features.

Many Ornithosaurs have a distinct club ended mandible.  They are generally medium size to large pterosaurs and are found throughout the Cretaceous Era.

This family also includes the pterosaurs originally split into the Criorhynchidae under earlier classifications.

Areriposaurus - Araripe lizard
Boreopterus - northern wing
Brasileodactus - Brazil finger
Barbosania - after Professor Barbosani
Zhenyuanopterus - long nose wing
Caulkicephalus - caulkhead
Guidraco - Ghost dragon
Ludodactylus - game finger
Liaoningopterus - Liaoning wing
Morganopterus - Male/female wing
Ornithocheirus - bird hand
Aetodactylus - eagle finger
Amblydectes - blunt biter
Coloborhynchus - maimed beak
Criorhynchus - ram beak
Uktenadactyus - giant horned snake finger




Anhanguera piscator
Anhanguera bittersdorffi
Anhanguera santanae
Anhanguera ligabuei

Maaradactylus kellneri