Pterosaur Trackways

These are fossils of evidence of pterosaurs.  Simple trackways that give an idea of the size and distribution of pterosaur habitat.

At present it is not possible to link trackways to specific fossil species as the absolute nature of soft tissue in the wing claws and feet is not well understood.  Also, trackways and footprints tend to be found at different sites to fossil bone remains.

What these trace fossils can do is inform about the stance and gait of fossil pterosaurs generally.  This can be applied to reconstruction models of known species based on skeletal remains.



Upper Cretaceous
Haenamichnus uhangriensis
Pteraichnus species - Blackhawk Fmn
Pteraichnus species - North Horn
Agadirichnus elegans

Lower Cretaceous
Purbeckopus pentadactylus
Pteraichnus species - China
Pteraichnus cidacoi

Pteraichnus vetustior
Pteraichnus manueli
Pteraichnus parvus
Pteraichnus koreanensis
Pteraichnus nipponensis

Upper Jurassic
Petraichnus saltwashensis
Pteraichnus stokesi
Pteraichnus longipodus
Pteraichnus species - Poland
Pteraichnus species - Utah
Pteraichnus palacieisaenzi
Pteraichnus species - USA

Lower Jurassic
Antipus flexiloquus