Unclassified pterosaurs


There are some pterosaurs that do not fit comfortably into the conventional classification scheme.  This is either that there is not enough evidence from partial remains or the quality of preservation is too poor to be conclusive.

Many specimens listed here do not have some of the important components to enable classification.

This is the dumping bin for species.  In order to promote these specimens into the classification scheme, more evidence is needed.  This may come with additional species being found, or in some cases, by identifying fine features which enable classification to be made in terms of existing classified fossils.



Lower Cretaceous
Pterosaur sp. - China
Prejanopterus curvirostra

Upper Jurassic
Kepodactylus insperatus
Dermodactylus montanus
Comodactylus ostromi
Laopteryx priscum
Mesadactylus ornithosphyos
Nesodactylus hesperius
Herbstosaurus pigmaeus
Pterosaur sp. - Switzerland
Rhamphorhynchinae indet. - Switzerland

Lower Jurassic
Areripedactylus dehmi
Rhamphinion jenkinsi

Upper Triassic
Faxilanipterus minimus