Upper Jurassic, Lower and Upper Cretaceous Family.  These are large and toothless beaked pterosaurs.  The azhdarchids are represented by some of the largest pterosaurs that have ever lived.

Note: Doratorhynchus validus is assigned here, but the validity of this classification is based on insufficient evidence.

Alanqa - Phoenix
Arambourginiana - after Arambourg
Arelazhdarcho - Ariel Sea dragon
Azhdarcho - dragon
Bakonydraco - Bakony dragon
Bogolubovia - after Bogolubov
Hatzegopteryx - Haţeg Basin wing
Montanazhdarcho - Montana dragon
Navajodactylys - Navajo Finger
Phosphatodraco - phosphate dragon
Quetzalcoatlus - winged serpent
Volgadraco - River Volga dragon
Bennettazhia - dragon after Bennett
Chaoyangopterus - Chaoyang wing
Eoazhdarcho - dawn dragon
Eopteranodon - dawn Pteranodon
Tupuxuara - Tupi familiar spirit
Zhenjiangopterus - Zhenjiang Province wing
Jidapterus - Jilin University wing
Lacusovagus - lake wanderer
Shenzhoupterus - the divine land (China) wing
Doratorhynchus - lance snout



Arambourginiana philadelphidae

Aralazhdarcho bostobensis
Azhdarcho lancicollis
Azhdarcho sp. - Canada
Azhdarchid from Solana
Azhdarchid from Valencia
Azhdarchid from Hell Creek
Azhdarchid from New Zealand
Eurazhdarcho langendorfensis
Navajodactylus boerei

Alanqua saharica
Bakonydraco galaczi
Bogolubovia orientalis
Hatzegopteryx thambema
Microtuban altivolans
Montanazhdarcho minor
Phosphatodraco mauritanicus
Quetzalcoatlus northropi
Volgadraco bugolubovi

Bennettazhia oregonensis
Chaoyangopterus zhangi
Eoazhdarcho liauxiensis
Eopteranodon lii
Tupuxuara longicristatus
Zhejiangopterus linhaiensis
Jidapterus edentus
Lacusovagus magnificens
Shenzhoupterus chaoyangensis

Doratorhynchus validus

Aurorazhdarcho primordius