An Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous Family of crested pterosaurs with large sturdy skulls and reduced, specialised dentition.

Santanadactylus is a complex classification.  This genus may be a composite of several different pterosaur types.  S. spixi is thought to be a Dsungeripterid, but it shows some characteristics that could place it in the Tupuxuara or Tapejara genus. This type will eventually be re-named.

Dsungaripterus - Junggar Basin wing
Domeykodactylus - Cordillera Domeyko finger
Noripterus - lake wing
Lonchognthosaurus - lance jaw lizard
Nemicolopterus - forest dwelling wing





Dsungeripterus weii
Dsungaripterus brancai
Dsungeripterus sp. Germany
Dsungeripterus sp. Tanzania
Dsungeripterus sp. Japan
Dsungeripterus sp. Korea

Domeykodactylus ceciliae

Noripterus complicidens
Noripterus parvus
Lonchognathosaurus acutirostris
Nemicolopterus crypticus

Cuspicephalus scarfi