Pterodactyloids are most common in the Upper Jurassic, but there are some species that are found over a much larger range.  These pterosaurs are known from numerous complete fossils found in the Lithographic Limestones of Bavaria, Germany.

Pterodactylus antiquus was the first pterosaur to be described in 1784 by Cosimo Alessandro Collini.


Pterodactylus - wing finger
Ardeadactylus - Heron Finger
Eosipterus - dawn wing
Haopterus - Hao wing
Mythunga - heavenly hunter (Orion)
Hamipterus - Hami basin wing


Ardeadactylus longicollum

Eosipterus yangi

Pterodactylus antiquus
Pterodactylus grandipelvis
Pterodactylus micronyx
Pterodactylus cirinensis
Pterodactylus suprajurensis
Pterodactylus manselii
Pterodactylus pleydelli
Pterodactylus arningi
Pterodactylus maximus
Pterodactylus ornis
Pterodactylus gracilis
Pterodactylus longicollum
Pterodactylus primus
Pterodactylus hopkinsi

Haopterus gracilis

Mythunga camara

Hamipterus tianshanensis