Campylognathoidae (Unwin 2009)


Campylognathoides is a basal Rhamphorhynchoid with a well developed wing and tail.  It still has a very generalised dentition, but is starting to exhibit features that become more prominent in later species.

The first remains were described in 1858 by Quenstedt and called Pterodactylus liassicus. These pterosaurs were originally placed in a subfamily called Campylognathoidinae by Oscar Kuhn in 1967.  The specimens are Toarcian in age.

Campylognathoides indicus is an upper Jurassic species.  There is a debate that suggests that this specimen should be re-classified, but the evidence is not conclusive.

Campylognathoides - curved jaw
Carnidactylus - Carnia finger
Raeticodactylus - Raetia finger
Caviramus - beware jaw



Campylognathoides liassicus
Campylognathoides zitteli
Campylognathoides sp.

Campylognathoides indicus

Carnidactylus rosenfeldi

Raeticodactylus filisurensis

Caviramus schesaplenensis