Dimorphodontidae (Seeley 1870)


Dimorphodon is grouped into two family groups, the Eudimorphodontae which forms the more primitive group and the Dimorphodontae which show more advanced features.

Eudimorphodon shows tricuspate teeth and a sturdy skeleton which define it as a primitive form of pterosaur.

Dimorphodon has two forms of single cusped teeth.

The family ranges from the Norian, Upper Triassic to the Sinemurian, Lower Jurassic in Europe and to the Upper Jurassic in Asia.

Eudimorphodon - true two formed tooth
Dimorphodon - two formed tooth
Peteinosaurus - winged reptile


Eudimorphodon ranzii
Eudimorphodon sp. Texas
Eudimorphodon sp. Luxembourg
Eudimorphodon sp. Austria

Peteinosaurus zambelli

Dimorphodon macronyx
Dimorphodon weintraubi