Late Jurassic Pterosaurs

The Late Jurassic period had a wider range of pterosaurs than any other time.  This period continued until about 136 million years ago when significant changes occurred.  The main United Kingdom Stages are as follows.

Portlandian (south) or
 Volgian (north)
Lulworth Beds and Early Purbeck Beds
Portland Beds
Upper Kimmeridgian
Late Kimmeridge Clay
Lower Kimmeridgian
Early Kimmeridge Clay with shales
Upper Oxfordian
Late Corallian Beds and Ampthill Clay
Lower Oxfordian
Early Corallian Beds and Late Oxford Clay
Early Oxford Clay
Kellaways Beds
Late Cornbrash

Within the United Kingdom there have been several pterosaur finds,  Rhamphorhynchus from the Oxford Clay,  Pterodactylus and Germanodactylus from the Kimmeridge Clay.  Doratorhynchus, an early Ornithosaur from the Purbeck Beds.  There are also individual bones that are from other species of pterosaur.

The world wide specimens are numerous and show a great deal of information about many species.  This is largely due to a number of fine sites where many pterosaurs have been preserved intact and articulated.  Some sites from this period show limited soft tissue preservation, with wing membranes and body hair intact.  In Germany there are many specimens from the Bavarian Lithographic Limestones of Tithonian age.

The position of the continents about 130Ma ago





Anurognathus ammoni
Batrachognathus volans
Dendrorhynchoides curvidentatus
Dendrorhynchoides mutoudengensis
Jaholopterus ningchengensis


Doratorhynchus validus
Un-named Azhdarchid
Aurorazhdarcho primordius


Ctenochasma elegans
Ctenochasma roemeri
Ctenochasma sp.
Ctenchasma taqueti
Gnathosaurus subulatus
Gnathosaurus macrurus
Huanhepterus quingyangensis
Plataleorhynchus streptophorodon


Dimorphodon weintraubi


Dsungaripterus brancai
Dsungeripterus sp.
Dsungeripterus sp.
Cuspicephalus Scarfi


Cycnorhamphus suevicus
Feilongus youngi


Germanodactylus cristatus
Altmuehlopterus Rhamphastinus
Germanodactylus sp.
Tendaguripterus recki
Tendaguripteruidae species


Ardeadactylus longicollum
Eosipterus yangi
Pterodactylus antiquus
Pterodactylus grandipelvis
Pterodactylus micronyx
Pterodactylus cerinensis
Pterodactylus suprajurensis
Pterodactylus manselii
Pterodactylus pleydelli
Pterodactylus arningi
Pterodactylus maximus


Changchengopterus pani
Rhamphorhynchus gemmingi
Rhamphorhynchus intermedius
Rhamphorhynchus longicaudus
Rhamphorhynchus longiceps
Rhamphorhynchus muensteri
Rhamphorhynchus jessoni
Rhamphorhynchus sp.
Bellubrunnus rothgaengeri
Cacibupteryx carabensis
'Odontorhynchus' aculeatus
Pterorhynchus wellnhoferi
Scaphognathus crassirostris
Harpactognathus gentryii
Sordes pilosus
Wukongopterus lii
Sericipterus wucaiwanensis


Sinopterus Gui


Tendaguripterus recki
Tendaguripteridae indet.


Kepodactylus insperatus
Dermodactylus montanus
Comodactylus ostromi
Laopteryx priscum
Mesadactylus ornithosphyos
Nesodactylus hesperius
Herbstosaurus pigmaeus
Normannognathus wellnhoferi
Pterosaur sp.
Rhamphorhynchidae indet.


Petraichnus saltwashensis
Pteraichnus stokesi
Pteraichnus longipodus
Pteraichnus species - Poland
Pteraichnus species - USA
Pteraichnus palacieisaenzi
Pteraichnus species - Utah