Late Triassic Pterosaurs

The Triassic Period represents the start of the Mesozoic Era and started about 225 million years ago, continuing until about 190 million years ago.  In the United Kingdom this Period is divided into three sub divisions.

Langport Beds, White Lias. (Late)
Cotham Beds. (Late)
Westbury Beds, Contorta Shales and Bone Beds. (Early)
Sully Beds, Grey Marls, Tea Green Marls,
Red Marls, Sandstones.
Upper Mottled Sandstone.
Pebble Beds
Lower Mottled Sandstone.

Triassic Pterosaur remains are very rare in the United Kingdom.  There are a few fragmentary remains from the Rhaetic Bone Beds consisting of individual or partial bones.  These fossils are of uncertain classification and no real attempts have been made to associate them with known species.  All of the known remains are of Rhamphorhynchoid species.  A few remains show similarities with later Dimorphodontid bones.

World wide, the best Triassic remains come from the Zorzino Limestone of Cene, near Bergamo in Italy and from the Preon Valley.  There are also fragmentary remains from other sites.

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The position of the continents about 230ma ago









Eudimorphodon ranzii
Eudimorphodon from Texas
Eudimorphodon from Luxembourg
Eudimorphodon from Austria


Carnidactylus rosenfeldi
Caviramus schesaplenensis
Raeticodactylus filisurensis


Peteinosaurus zambelli
Caelestiventus Hanseni


Preondactylus buffarinii
Preondactylus sp.
Austriadactylus cristatus

Incerta Sedis

Faxinalipterus minima