United Kingdom Fossils


The pterosaur containing sediments of the Upper Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous are found across the south and east of England. Whilst pterosaur fossils are extremely rare, it is possible to build up a picture of the environments in which the pterosaurs lived and fed.

These pages are intended as a guide to show here fossils can be found and where you can go to get fossil identifications or to purchase fine specimens for your collection.

Triassic Fossils

These fossils are very rare in the UK as few fossil deposits are present in Triassic Sediments

The Fossil Coast, Yorkshire

Exposures of Jurassic sediments on the cliffs of the Yorkshire coast yield many fine fossils

The Jurassic Coast, Dorset

The Jurassic Coast of Dorset is a World Heritage Site and it has been developed for tourism to a large extent.

Cretaceous Fossils

The chalk cliffs of the south coast and the deposits of the wealden hills have revealed some fine Cretaceous fossils.

Sediments in the Southern UK