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Free Images

The following images which are provided by The Pterosaur Database are free to download and use on web sites or documents.  There are no restriction on their use or development provided that the website logo is not copied.

A link to The Pterosaur Database at www.pterosaur.org.uk would be appreciated.

Just right click the images and select "save target as.."  or copy and paste images.     

Small graphic pterosaur

Pterosaur wallpaper

Triassic Images        Jurassic Images       Cretaceous Images

Pterodactyl.gif - logo approved for projects which may be put onto other texts and websites.

This logo is similar to, but not the logo of The Pterosaur Database. 
The website logo on the page headers of this website is copyright and must not be used.


Pterosaurs-01 : PowerPoint, for use in classroom presentations.


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