Book Reviews


There have been several good quality popular texts produced on pterosaurs.  These secondary sources are distinct from the scientific papers that document scientific discovery and thinking in this field.  Below are a number of texts that have been reviewed for The Pterosaur Database.

Witton M. P., 2013, Pterosaurs, Natural History, Evolution, Anatomy, PUP, ISBN 978-0-691-15061-1

Unwin D., 2005, The Pterosaurs  from Deep Time, ISBN 0-13-146308-X

Buffetaut E. and Mazin J-M., 2003, Evolution and Palaeobiology of Pterosaurs, Geological Society, London, Special Publications volume 217: 1-3.

Benton M., 2002, Discovering Dinosaurs Flying Monsters. ZigZag.  ISBN 1-903954-27-4

Wellnhofer P., 1991, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Pterosaurs, Salamander, ISBN 0-86101-566-5

Wellnhofer P. and Khun O., 1978, Handbuch der Paläoherpetologie. Teil 19. Pterosauria. Stuttgart: Verlag Gustav Fischer

Seeley H. G., 1901, Dragons of the Air: an account of extinct flying reptiles, London, New York.