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Introduction to the pterosaurs  (1MB)

Alternative introduction   (599KB)

Rhamphorhynchus  (360KB)

Preserving Fossils  (1.42MB)

Other presentation formats

This resource covers other electronic and practical presentation media on Pterosaurs.  The restrictions here are not controlled by The Pterosaur Database.

Sky Monsters DVD - ISBN 0-7922-9247-2
Sky Monsters Review

BBC Lost worlds, vanished lives - Episode 2
Putting Flesh on the Bones    Clip 1      Clip 2

BBC Walking With Dinosaurs - Original Series
New Blood - Flying Reptiles   
Time of the Titans - Great Grazers
Cruel Sea - Catching Breakfast  
Cruel Sea - Danger on the Beach 
Giants of the Skies - Cretaceous Pterosaurs  
Giants of the Skies - Ocean Crossing 

Discovery Channel - Prehistoric Washington DC
Pterosaur -Flying High
Pterosaur - Escape

Texas Tech University
Tapejara - John Davis

University of Portsmouth
Pterosaur takeoff

The Oldest Pteranodon

National Geographic
Flying Monsters