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The pterosaur database bibliography is a read only, on-line database.  The search facility is free and data can be printed or saved in HTML format.

A parallel database allows you to enter bibliography data.  This will be checked and included in the main bibliography database where appropriate.  This system has been installed to prevent corruption of the primary bibliography data.

A number of example papers have been archived, including some translations of foreign papers.  In addition to this, Pterosaur Topics cover the most common enquiries about the Pterosauria and are intended as a means of help for interested students and enthusiasts alike.

Presentations are intended for student and teacher use and are available to use in class.  The material is copyright, but may be used and edited for classroom use, but it must not be used for publication or public presentations.

For any additional information or to add information to the bibliography, you can use the E-mail enquiry link on the home page.